The Eurasphalt and Eurobitume (E&E) congress organized by the European bitumen and asphalt industry welcomed an international audience of paving industry stakeholders and experts to Prague from June 1st -3rd for one of the largest congress in this segment in Europe. All participants have the common objective of investing in Europe’s road infrastructure network.  The 5.5 million km road network is one of the region’s most valuable assets, estimated to be worth more than €8,000 Billion which equates to more than €16,000 per person.

Run every 4 years since 1996, the E&E Congress is a vital opportunity to raise awareness to stakeholders for current best practices, technology/innovation and also discuss future challenges. The platform allows the industry to combine knowledge, collaborate on responses to challenges and demonstrate solutions to over a 1000 strong audience of attendees and to many more through social networking.


It is the first major roads and construction show that Kraton Polymers and Arizona Chemical have attended together bringing the European and American Paving & Roofing and Roads & Construction teams together as a combined force. The one team contributed to multiple booth meetings, poster sessions and oral papers. In addition, Kraton hosted a reception for its customer base. Overall, there was no surprise that the business demonstrated our leadership in binder modification solutions. The booths displayed both Kraton Polymers and Arizona Chemical livery clearly by drawing on existing brand presence, while also displaying the new One Kraton by incorporating elements of respective technology on each booth.  It was clear to visitors that polymer and chemical technology are now working on a common objective of improving the pavement assessments with combined solutions.

From the outset the desire and passion of the team to work together delivering value to the stakeholders was clear. The respective teams had many cross chemical meetings with common customers discussing exciting new areas of development. This was beneficial to draw on experience of every single person and draw on synergies in the customer base to maximize opportunities. Together the business achieved significant exposure to the industry; chance to demonstrate respective technology such as HiMA and SYLVAROAD(tm) and also opportunity to explore new future ideas.


The congress was a huge success with high footfall on the booths keeping the team fully engaged. Warm asphalt technologies and Recycling were key subjects throughout the congress, segments were One Kraton can clearly deliver high valuable solution to the market. The team is looking forward to new developments in the next few years to be able to present to the industry in the next event Madrid 2020.

Eurasphalt and Eurobitume (E&E) congress video
Download papers from Eurasphalt and Eurobitume (E&E) congress

Laurent Porot presenting his paper (source: Eurasphalt and Eurobitume)

Katrina Sichel presented the opening session (source: Eurasphalt and Eurobitume)

The Arizona Chemical booth

The Kraton Polymers booth