Eurovia, one of the Europe’s leading asphalt companies and the main road contractor in France, recently conducted paving works with Arizona Chemical, a subsidiary of Kraton Corporation to confirm the rejuvenating capabilities of the latter’s SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive on reclaimed asphalt (RA).


The project, held 20 October in Niort, France, set out to prove that the SYLVAROAD additive could restore RA containing highly oxidized and very hard binder to the point that it could be reused for high-value road applications. (In this project, the RA penetrability value was 4, whereas typically the penetrability of RA binder is 10-25). This is a game-changer because RA with a binder this hard is out of national specification for its reuse in new fresh asphalt mix and normally can only be recycled for a road’s unbound sub-base layers, and not in critical upper layers.

The SYLVAROAD additive was directly sprayed on the RA, which means that its efficiency was maximized. In this process, the additive only reaches the RA needing rejuvenation, whereas the standard approach of injecting an additive into the bitumen line disperses the additive across all material found in the line – even if the interaction is unnecessary.

Circular economy

This paving project presents an excellent example of the circular economy in action. The RA came from the Niort region and was transported within its local area to the Arizona Chemical plant. There, the SYLVAROAD additive – a product made from bio-based pine chemicals – was applied to the RA. The RA mix was then used to repave a local road.

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