Developed specifically to restore the binder of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive enables the use of high percentages of RAP in road construction without compromising quality.

SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive

SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive fully restores aged binder properties, solving known technical issues. The additive enables the final asphalt mix to perform according to local specifications.

SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive restores the binder in RAP which considerably improves processability at the mix plant and at the job site.

Laboratory and field tests of asphalt mixes containing SYLVAROAD™ RP1000 Performance Additive and high RAP content (up to 75%) consistently meet the most challenging pavement specifications:
  • rutting resistance

  • cracking resistance

  • water resistance

  • compaction

  • In addition, Using SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive is fully miscible with asphalt binder; there is no exudation or evaporation from the road. This ensures users that the additive will perform over the designed lifetime of the road

    SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 is patent pending.

    Profitable reuse of asphalt mixes
    Using SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive allows for high RAP content, fewer virgin materials, lower costs and no compromise to quality.
    Using high percentages of RAP yields many economic benefits:
  • Reduce the costs of virgin materials

  • Eliminates potential disposal fees

  • Increases sustainability of asphalt mixes

  • These factors contribute to significant overall cost savings that are directly related to the quantity of RAP used. For a mix containing 60% RAP, there is up to 25% cost reduction compared to 100% virgin mix. Even increasing the content of RAP from 20 to 40% shows a cost reduction of up to 10%.

    SYLVAROADTM RP 1000 Performance Additive

    Contributes to sustainable road building
    SYLVAROAD TM RP 1000 Performance Additive is a pine chemical derived from a co-product of the pulp & paper industry:
  • Non-hazardous and safe to handle  (no risk for the operators)

  • Reduces asphalt waste

  • Reduces use of virgin materials

  • Bio-based and renewable

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